About Us

A shift in perspective. That’s often what it takes to identify the best way to connect with an audience whether you’re speaking to a group of scientists who want to learn more about a ground breaking technology, to community members who want to understand the impact of a manufacturing operation, or a group of investors curious about your company’s governance. Our most challenging work as communicators is identifying where the story should begin, so we can engage our client’s target audience in time to create a movement, achieve a business objective or gain buy in. Making the connections that help our clients’ achieve even their loftiest goals, is what we do best.

And we love this work.

Shift is a small, full-service integrated marketing and communications company based in Banff, Alberta. We offer our clients from across the country end-to-end services ranging from internal communications to public consultation and marketing.

It’s a misnomer that we are simply writers. We don’t just write things. We are strategists who help our clients make operational decisions that will result in the strongest outcomes for their stakeholders. We provide expert marketing and communications counsel, develop plans that include measurement and take pride in masterful execution – whether that means developing a series of billboards, a website, a twitter campaign, an annual report or a straightforward speech. With a lifetime of experience, we have come to love best practices and have even been known to develop them. We don’t believe in a cookie cutter approach to communications. Everything we do is based on true insight and proven experience in implementation.