Community Relations

Lafarge in Exshaw approached us in 2012 looking for a new communications and community relations strategy.  We agreed to provide them with an action plan to bridge the communication gap that had developed between the company and their key stakeholders – namely the communities neighboring their plant. We also wanted to build trust and excitement around their $500 million expansion and the environmental benefits it would bring as well as provide clarity around Lafarge’s community investment approach, which lacked focus.

To develop a solid strategy, we met with the Company’s executive team and then we went out and talked to community members living in the Bow Valley to learn more about how they felt about Lafarge and their communications and community investment activities. We built our action plan using stakeholder insights and set realistic goals. We worked with the Lafarge team to define what it means to be a good neighbor based on audience input and use this definition as a filter for decision making.

Today, we’re on track to meet our three-year objective.

To get there, we’re managing Lafarge’s community giving program, handling their community relations activities, which includes issues management and media relations, hosting their public consultations on operating activities, managing their website as well as their ongoing print newsletter, which keeps community members up to date on changing operations and emerging issues identified by neighbors.

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