Media Relations

Highways 63 and 881 around the oil sands and Athabasca area have seen hundreds of vehicle-related injuries and dozens of fatalities over the past several years.

These tragedies point to the need for change – and twinning the highways is only part of the solution. The other part is changing how we drive. That’s where the Coalition for a Safer 63 & 881 comes in. The Coalition works to engage and educate drivers, helping them identify their dangerous driving habits and offering them safe alternatives.

Coalition members range from oil sands developers, pipeline companies and industry groups to regional municipalities, safety organizations and the media. Members come from different backgrounds, but have one important thing in common – a goal to make 63 and 881 safer for our families, friends, employees and stakeholders, many of whom travel these roads every day.

Our role

We worked with the Coalition’s Agency of Record, DDB Canada, providing a media relations strategy that would position Coalition members as THE voice of industry when it comes to anything related to what takes place on these highways.

We provide media training for Coalition spokespeople, accompanied them on a media tour – making personal connections with the journalists reporting in the region, and provide key messages and media relations support when the Coalition doesn’t have the resources to handle this work in-house.

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